I'm annoyed!

Tgh hari tadi... masa kelas... tiba2 chairman yg jarang jenguk kami budak2 A levels, nak jumpa...

Yang dpt markah kurang best mcm aku ni dipanggil ke depan.

-skip- Yelah2, tapi jgn la guna isu2 mcm tu... ada kaitan ke? Please, kami bukan la kampung sgt! :P -bebel-

Looking on the bright side, at least there's a push for me to keep up with academics. Exams are (again) around the corner. Final term is in early February, A level trials in early March, post trials are in somewhat late April, and then the A levels are on May and June...


2 respons:

aD mohD said...

good luck n all d best~

Mohd Mahathir Maula Saidin said...

tq fuad!!!
rasa cam $%^%$ je!!

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